Dawson Creek 'Better at Home'

Please note that access and services may be subject to change due to Provincial Health Office orders. 

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and About Us

Our Objective

To assist local seniors to remain independent in their homes and connected to their community.

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About Us

     'Better at Home' originated with the pilot project "CASI" (Community Action for Seniors Independence).
In January 2010, Dawson Creek was offered the opportunity to become one of the first communities to design, create, and implement a non-medical home support program - CASI. 

     At a community meeting in Feb 2010, it was determined that SPCRS (South Peace Community Resources Society) and SPSASS (South Peace Seniors Access Services Society) would join forces as co-lead agencies to guide the project through its first year. Final approval came in August 2010 after six months of hard work by the lead agencies.

     A Project Coordinator was hired in September 2010, and the doors opened in October of the same year. Protocols, procedures, and marketing materials needed to be created. Senior clients, volunteers, contractors, sponsors, and partners all needed to be recruited. As a pilot project, the endeavor evolved as it grew. A Volunteer Coordinator was hired a year later.

     What started as an 18-month project stretched until March of 2013; when it was decided that the project, running in 5 communities, was a success and the transition to 'Better at Home' began. The pilot project became a 'program' and new sites opened throughout the province. Currently there are oversixty-nine Better at Home sites in British Columbia.
     For more information on the Better at Home Program go to the Provincial website.

     For more information on the Dawson Creek Better at Home Program please read our brochure or contact us.

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What are the criteria to receive ‘Better at Home’ services?

  • 65 years of age or older
  • Live within the city of Dawson Creek
  • Live independently
  • Unable to perform the requested services for themselves


Does ‘Better at Home’ offer services to people living in assisted living facilities?

No, the Dawson Creek ‘Better at Home’ does not offer services to people living in assisted living facilities.


How do I register for services?

You can stop into the ‘Better at Home’ office, in the Co-op Mall, between 9:00 am and 3:30 pm, Monday to Friday. If you can’t come to the office, call us at 250-782-2341 and we’ll arrange to have someone come to your home to complete the registration.

Please note that if you are requesting housekeeping or snow plowing services you will need to show proof of your annual income (last year’s tax return).


Are there ‘Better at Home’ programs in other communities?

Yes, there are ‘Better at Home’ sites throughout BC. To find other sites, you can go to www.betterathome.ca


Who provides these services?

Housekeeping and snow plowing services are provided by contractors. All other services are provided by volunteers.


How are you funded?

‘Better at Home’ is a provincial program which is funded by the Government of British Columbia.

We also fundraise through donations from the public and corporate sector and hold fundraising events.

Tax receipts can be issued for donations.


What services does ‘Better at Home’ offer?

  • Housekeeping
  • Friendly Visits
  • Transportation
  • Home Repairs/Handyman
  • Snow Removal/Yard Work
  • Tours/Activities


Do I need to pay anyone?

There are no charges for services provided by volunteers.  If you have arranged for housekeeping or snow plowing and you do not qualify for 100% subsidy, you will be invoiced for your portion of the cost when it reaches a minimum, agreed upon amount. 

When will the housekeeper come and how often?

We contract our housekeeping services to Bonnie’s Janitor Service. They will phone you and set up a regular day and time to come and clean. Please make every effort to stay with this time and to notify the housekeeper as far in advance as possible if you have to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

Two hours per month is the maximum covered by Better at Home subsidy.  This can be once a month for 2 hours, or twice a month for one hour each time. If you require more time than Better at Home provides, you may hire the housekeeper to provide the service on a private basis.


Can volunteers stay overnight or help with personal care or respite?

No. Our volunteers are not trained to provide personal care or medical services. We are a non-medical program. We refer people who require medical services to Northern Health.

Can I just call and have someone drive me to an appointment?

Volunteers may not be available on short notice so we prefer to match volunteers to seniors on a more long term basis. You will be assigned a transportation volunteer (often the same person who may be your friendly visitor).

You will stay in contact with your transportation volunteer and give them as much advance notice of appointments as possible. Your volunteer may have days or times when they are not available, please try to keep this in mind when you schedule your appointments.


Can volunteers come with me when I go to see my doctor, accountant, or lawyer?

Volunteers can offer transportation to your appointments and can even help you find the correct office, but they cannot handle your money or be involved in your confidential medical, financial, or legal activities. This is an insurance issue and we request that you do not place our volunteers into such a situation.

I am confined to a wheelchair. Can I have someone give me rides to appointments?

Our volunteers are not trained to provide the level of assistance required to transport people who are not mobile. You must be able to get into and out of the vehicle on your own. We recommend that you contact Square 1 for Seniors (250-219-2119) who may be able to help you access transportation services for seniors with mobility issues.


What are these Bus Tours I’ve been hearing about?

In addition to our regular services, Dawson Creek Better at Home, with the support of the City of Dawson Creek, BC Transit, ARC Resources, and many other sponsors and donors, offers several bus tours a year to seniors in our community. There are usually various stops along the way to places of interest and we generally end up stopping for refreshments at the end.  some tours are themed (The Rodeo Tour and the Christmas Lights Tour).


Can a volunteer drive me to Grande Prairie or Fort St John?

Our transportation services are limited to within the City of Dawson Creek.

How can I help?

You can become a volunteer. Many of our senior clients who are receiving assistance with more physical tasks (snow removal, yard work), volunteer to be friendly visitors or to drive other seniors to appointments or to do their grocery shopping. 

You can spread the word. We’re looking for seniors who could benefit from the ‘Better at Home’ services and for volunteers who  love working with seniors and have a few hours to spare.

We are always interested in connecting with organizations to which we can refer our clients for assistance or services.

Income tax receipts can be issued for  donations.


More Questions?

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Office hours are:

Monday to Friday

9:00 am to 3:30 pm


We check all our messages and emails and respond to them. Your input helps the program succeed.




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Do you live in another area in British Columbia? Visit the Provincial 'Better at Home' Website to see if there is a 'Better at Home' site near you.