Results are in from the annual Volunteer Satisfaction Survey and we're pretty happy with them! The overwhelming majority of responses were extremely positive; volunteers were happy with their assignments and felt supported and appreciated. But the most important responses are the ones that aren't completely positive - the ones that show that a volunteer may have fallen between the cracks or that something's not working. Those responses are the reason we do a survey; so we can improve the program, improve the way we do things so we can close up those cracks. 
We appreciated the honest responses and we immediately moved to offer support and assistance to the survey participants who had issues. One was a volunteer who had not been given a new assignment - we quickly moved to rectify that situation. The other was scheduling difficulties for volunteer training workshops. We are working on diversifying the times/days when training opportunities are offered so we can accommodate the schedules of more of our volunteers. Also we are researching online training opportunities that could be accessed at the volunteer's convenience. 
So, yes, we love getting positive feedback - but that's not the main reason we run surveys. 
We run surveys to get the truth, to find the problems so we can solve them and make Better at Home a great place to volunteer.